CML - Tribology
Research Areas Research Facilities
  • Slider and disk surface metrology
  • Thin film disk lubrication, wear durability, and tribochemistry
  • Sliding damage mechanisms of thin-film media
  • Finite element studies of contact problems with layered media
  • Tribology of ion implanted thin films
  • Plasma enhanced CVD of diamond films
  • Mixed gas lubrication of head/disk interface
  • Nanoindentation of ultra-thin films
  • Atomic force and acanning tunneling microscopy studies
  • Nanoscale friction interactions
  • DEKTAK surface profilometer
  • Zygo and Wyko phase-shifting interference microscopes
  • Scanning Probe Microscopes (AFM, STM, PCM, FFM)
  • UHV Tribochamber with Mass Spectrometer
  • Lotus Contact/Start/Stop (CSS) testers
  • RS/6000 and DEC Alpha Workstations

Research in tribology includes studies on head/disk metrology, interferometric microscopy, interfacial stiction and adhesion, environmental effects and tribochemistry, boundary and mixed lubrication, thin-film sliding damage mechanisms, tribofilm formation on ceramics, elastoplastic and fracture mechanics analysis of layered media, development of new film materials by ion implantation and CVD techniques, and theoretical studies on surface texture and flash temperature rises in sliding contact.


  • D.B. Bogy
  • K. Komvopoulos