CML - Membership
CML Membership


Industrial member companies provide discretionary funds to support CML's administrative and technical staff, purchase equipment, and fund faculty-directed research. CML also encourages and assists faculty participants in securing overhead-bearing project contracts directly from industrial members.

Membership Fees

Membership requires an unrestricted annual grant to CML at the following levels:


Member $65,000
Advisor Member $90,000
Participant Member $135,000

A company becomes a member by virtue of sending a check with a letter stating that the funds are an unrestricterd grant to support the research of CML and by signing the appropriate agreement.

Membership Benefits

  • The Member may send two representatives to CML's scheduled technical meeting and receive all CML Technical Reports.


  • The Advisor Member receives the benefits of the Member, but may send four representatives to the meetings, has a seat on the Advisory Council, may participate in one joint research project of interest to a CML faculty member, and may receive software developed by CML.


  • The Participant Member receives the benefits of the Advisor Member, but may send six representatives to the meetings, and in addition may place a Visiting Industrial Fellow in residence at CML.

The membership agreements are for a period of one year. The level of membership can be changed or terminated by either party on a yearly basis.


Technical reports are generated as soon as significant research results are obtained. They are published and distributed to all members. Two series of reports are published. The Blue Series consists of research technical reports, which are manuscripts of the type submitted to journals. They are distributed periodically during the year. The Gold Series consists of Master's Theses and Doctoral Dissertations issued as soon as they are filed. A list of the Gold Series reports is sent to members and the reports are available upon request.


An Annual Sponsors' Meeting is held at CML on the last Monday and Tuesday of January. It includes presentations of research progress primarily by graduate students and faculty participants, as well as a meeting of the Advisory Council. Additionally, laboratory tours and research posters are highlighted.