CMLAir Bearing Design Program
Current Release:

CMLAir 8.3

Quick 4.32 (steady-state rectangular grid solver)
GPU Quick 5.1 solver
Dyn 4.445 (dynamic solver, major bug fix included)

Dlulshock_v6.1(Load/Unload/Shock solver)
FESolver 0.95

Release Date September 2010 (updated June 11th, 2017)
What's new? CMLAir_v8.3_setup.exe

New advanced feature were added to the new CMLAir interface (version 8.1), there is a third mode called "DLUL Mode" now available for engineers who need to simulate Load/Unload/Shock cases, also, you can view post processing output results just like Static and Dynamic modes, reading the help section regarding the new mode is highly recommended.


  • Dlulshock ver6 solver were added to the new interface.
  • 3 example files were added (Load, Unload and Shock cases).
  • Help file were updated and new sections were added.
  • CMLAir 8.1 is fully compatible with old cases (.cml files).
  • Few bugs were removed in the DLUL mode, also, new input parameters added to the Run Setup/Configuration page.
  • Also, there is two DLUL solver versions, IA32 (for 32 bit processors) and x64 bit (64 bit processors) with speed improvement inside the setup package.
  • DLUL Run Setup/Actuator page added in this updated version.
  • GPU Quick solver version 5.1 added along with supporting dll
  • Dynamic code bug fixed with regards to disk waviness output
  • Quick 4.32 has new function to check and stop at first encountered NaN error
Release Date July 15, 2010
Older Release:


(major bug fix for the Quick Mode in the interface when you use Geometric Grid)

(major bug fix for the Dynamic Solver when calculating contact forces)

This release is the same as the older CMLAir Version 7.0.5 with slight modifications, a newer Quick solver (Quick 432) to replace the old solver, new Dynamic solver (Dyn 444) and few additions to the help file (Quick output files section) have been added to the CMLAir Interface, all the other cool features from CMLAir ver. 7.0.5 (as shown below) remained the same.

New features in this version:

  • New paragraph added and small correction implemented to the help file.
  • New Quick solver included, this new solver capable of producing Slider-Disk (in nm) spacing matrix automatically for all the x-y points in the mesh, for every radii of the disk.
  • New Dynamic solver added to replace the old solver, this solver have a bug fix for minimum spacing calculation algorithm.
Release Date August 14, 2008
Older  Release:


This release incorporates the new CML Finite Element Solver version 0.95 into the interface. The speed of the Finite Element solver has been improved since the release of version 0.92. Most features supported by Quick 4 are not fully implemented in the Finite Element Solver.

Features not implemented in the Finite Element Solver and CMLAir:

  • Sensitivities
  • Elastic-Plastic contact model
  • User defined slip model
  • Ramp rails
  • Rails that lie below the base recess of the slider.
  • Slider geometry works but it's a bit different than CMLAir/Quick 4. In CMLAir, if a rail with a deeper recess, overlaps a rail with a shallower recess. The recess for the overlapped region will be determined by which rail has a larger rail index value. In the finite element solver, the overlapped region will automatically be at the shallower recess.
  • User defined geometry and regional height adjustments
  • Use existing grid input option (ioldg)
  • Humidity simulations
  • Postprocessor:
    • Massflow Analysis
    • Shear Analysis
    • Pressure Analysis
    • Lube Depletion
    • Massflow plot
Release Date May 23, 2008 (updated 7/01/08)
Older  Release:


This release is a small update to CMLAir, Quick 4 and Dyn

CMLAir 7.04 features and changes

  • Modified the air parameters and altitudes. A PowerPoint presentation describing the changes can be found here.
  • Small changes to dynamic solver and interface to better reflect irrelevant parameters for Finite Element simulations.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements (fixed humidity edit box 6/23/08).
Release Date May 2, 2008
Older  Release:

CML Finite Element Solver  (version 0.92) 

This is a development release of CML's finite element air bearing solver. The solver is still in heavy development but we wanted to give our members a peek at the work we're doing to improve our solvers. The solver can solve many of the air bearing designs that Quick 4 has trouble with. It's still a bit rough around the edges but getting better every day.

Changes in this release:

  • Adaptive meshing has been reworked and should be more robust and easier to understand.
  • Meshing.dat has been modified
  • The solver will attempt to describe lines that define the rail and outer wall boundaries for the mesher.  This results in more accurate representations of the slider. 
  • Output files have been modified.  The intermediate sliderx files are now deleted at the end of the simulation.  The new output files are described in the readme file.
  • The y coordinate of the slider nodes has been corrected.  Previously the nodes output by the solver were a mirror image of the slider in the y direction.
Release Date November 3, 2005 (updated 7/06/2010)
Older  Release: CMLAir_v657c_install.exe

CMLAir 6.57 New Features and Changes:

  • Quick 4 is significantly faster and more stable for almost all cases. The speed improvements have been achieved by modifying the grid generation and multigrid portions of the solver.
  • The static results table has been improved.
  • The ability to view real-time simulation results while a simulation is running has been added. This feature is available from the options menu in the solver output window.
  • It is now possible to zoom in and out in the rail design window.
  • New User Defined Geometry allows multiple regions to be specified.
  • BUG FIX: A bug in the interface affecting the importing the xf0 (pitch offset) parameter of dynamics.def has been fixed. Things should be importing correctly now.
  • BUG FIX: (12/6/05) User defined geometry is now generated correctly in the dynamic solver. Also, Dyn439.exe now outputs geom.dat which can be used to cHeck the slider geometry.
  • BUG FIX: (7/17/06) Interface should now support an unlimited number of rails and rail points.
Additional Files: If you plan to run simulations on a Windows95/98/NT computer, the above file is the only one you need. Download the self-extracting archive and run it.

If you plan to use the remote run feature with a UNIX machine, or you wish to use a solver that has been optimized for a specific processor, you will need to use one or more of the following solvers.
  • A more complete description of the CML Air Bearing Dynamic Solver exists, including information regarding the L/UL solver.
  • NOTE: CMLAir is not compatible with the CML Dynamic L/UL Solver.
Manual: The updated manual is distributed as on-line help with CMLAir. An older version is also available as an Adobe Acrobat document.