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About CML

The Computer Mechanics Laboratory (CML) in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of California at Berkeley, was founded in January 1989 after several years of close collaborative research between the department's faculty members and the computer industry. It consists of several major laboratories in such fields as Servo Control, Tribology, Dynamics and Instrumentation. CML is one of the leading research laboratories in ME dealing with the mechanics of sensitive parts of the hard disk drive. Various design software programs have been developed and optimized in CML.
Professor David B. Bogy is the founder and the Director of CML.



The goal of CML is to conduct research in mechanical aspects of computer technology in close cooperation with - and funded primarily by - the computer industry. The primary objectives are: the education of graduate students in this field, research in topics of direct relevance to the computer industry, and fast transfer of research results to the supporting companies.



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